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August 3 2007, 12:01 AM

i am so unbelieveably stressed out right now, i dont like being a bitch...i hate it, but sometimes....i cant stand being asked questions, when the answer is right in front of them!

i love making layouts for people and i love seeing you guys use them and learn but....READ THE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS I POST FOR THE LAYOUT!
it must know basic html, im getting messages saying...i dont know html....whats a div...can you help me with this, whats a friend id??
its okay to ask questions, the rules or instructions!

normally im okay with it, but when you get asked these obvious drives you nuts.
i am seriously getting this amount of activity:

myspace messages: 2/hour atleast 50/day
createblog messages: 10/day
layout comments: 30/day

i hate coming off as a bitch but...its definately taking a toll on me.


can you make me a layout?: NO, im sorry...i do not take requests. i do this on my free time.

friend id help
Whats a friend id?: go here
Why cant people message me, add me, see my pictures, etc./When people try to message, or add me, etc. it says i have entered a invalid name: you obviously didnt enter your friend id, if you dont get what a friend id is, go to the link above
I inserted my friend id, and its still not working: YOUR FRIEND ID ONLY CONTAINS NUMBERS, go to the link explains everything.

only the background is showing up
1. make sure you save changes to the codes.
2. DO NOT USE THE PREVIEW...its crap!
3. if you still get only a background color, refresh until it does show up.

Myspace Rules
Wont i get deleted for not having/hiding the ad and/or block button?: theres always that possibility, the directions it shows you how to get your ad back, and all but one of my layouts include a block button, and the one without it, is easy to apply one to.
Why not just make them with the ad in the first place: i think it looks nicer without

how do i put a video on my page?/i cant get a video to show up: i cant help you there


i will probably have to add more...but if this blog doesnt answer your question...THEN message me.
im very sorry if i sound rude. i love my hobby, and i love that so many people love my layouts...theres just only so much a girl can take lol...


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Sorry for being a bitch. I went back to your codes, recopied them and then there were places to put your friend id fo the links to pics and stuff. You either changed it or in my hour of searching the codes last night beofre i asked you, i compleately missed those xxxx's that i was searching for.

Posted by melforlove on Aug 13, 07 1:23 am

we are all not idiots in comparisson to you. If your layout worked properly you would not get 50 messages a day. I personally understand all the myspace stuff, i have been on it for over a year now and i understand what a friend id, div overlay, etc is. I am not an idiot. I read your instruction, did what you said, and it still doesnt work properly. You said people could ask for help so if you don't want to help then why do you say we can ask exactly?

Posted by melforlove on Aug 13, 07 12:54 am

hah, welcome to my life. lol.
i personally feel obliged to help everyone though. i'm a pushover ;p

although it's not quite as bad as that for me right now. 50 myspace messages a day? that's crazy.

this blog won't do anything. people don't read, unfortunately.

good luck

Posted by falsetigerlimbs on Aug 3, 07 1:52 am

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